What are the benefits of using Zymphony’s Managed IT Services?

Why Zymphony’s Managed IT Services? 5 Key Reasons:

  1. Less Downtime/More Uptime > All Servers, PCs, and Network Devices are monitored 24x7x365. Not only are we informed immediately when a potential problem arises, we proactively identify potential issues and resolve them before they occur. Minimizing downtime means your employees are more productive!
  2. Improved Infrastructure Security > We are constantly monitoring your Firewall and Anti-Virus for unauthorized intrusions and attacks. We ensure that the latest updates and security patches are installed. It's a scary world. We keep your Servers and Network Devices safe and secure!
  3. Lower Cost > Proactive resolution of potential issues, large and diverse engineering team, years of experience and use of best practices allows us to be more efficient and save you money!
  4. Technology Experts at Your Fingertips > Cloud Strategy & Consultation, Virtualization, Server Consolidation, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, Unified Threat Management, Mobile Device Management, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments, Data Loss Prevention and more. All just a Zymphony phone call away!
  5. Peace of Mind > Sleep well at night knowing your network, servers, and data are in hands of professionals. Protected and secured.

Benefits of Zymphony’s Managed IT Services Versus The Break/Fix IT Guy:

Proactive vs Reactive > With Zymphony's Managed IT Services, we monitor all Servers, PCs, and Network Devices 24x7x365. Along with taking care of important updates and patches that protect your devices and network, we proactively identify potential failures and resolve them before they occur. The Break/Fix IT Guy is purely reactive and response time may take days.

Alignment of Business Objectives > With Zymphony's Managed IT Services, you pay a flat monthly fee for our services. It's in our best interest to resolve technical issues as quickly and thoroughly as possible the first time. The Break/Fix Guy is paid hourly. Prolonging a technical issue or not fixing the root cause may extend the time it takes to ultimately resolve the issue. Good for his billing, bad for your checkbook.

Objectivity > Technology is evolving and changing at a very rapid pace. Choosing the right mix of technology for today, and for the future, is important for every business. At Zymphony Technology Solutions, we have a wide ranging team of technology experts across all technology spectrums. This allows us to recommend the right mix of technology for your business. The Break/Fix IT Guy typically has expertise in one or two technology areas, which he will always recommend. That may be what he/she knows best, it may not be what's best for your organization.

A Team of Technology & Security Experts at Your Fingertips > We provide experienced, certified IT Professionals to support all of our customers' technology and IT security needs. Our Service Desk is fully staffed with Level I technicians as well as Level II and Level III Engineers. In addition, we have subject matter experts in Virtualization (VMware/Hyper-V), Office 365 and Cloud Services/Strategy, Hybrid Backup and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Vulnerability and Threat Management, Network Security and more. All just a phone call away!

Comprehensive Reporting & Metrics > Information and data is key to making good business decisions. Knowing what your employees are doing online helps monitor activity and unwanted behavior. Error messaging, problem remediation, service ticket history, user activity, system health reporting…all are important pieces of information you need to know. Zymphony's Managed IT Services provides you with key information you need to make key business decisions. Something The Break/Fix IT Guy just can't do.

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What are the benefits of using Zymphony’s Managed IT Services?

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