Threat Management

We Offer a Proactive Approach to Your Company’s IT Security

Security threats to information systems are increasing rapidly and are becoming sneakier and more complex. It can be extremely difficult to keep up. Businesses can enhance the identification of emerging threats with our advanced virus and spyware protection and leverage our IT security intelligence and expertise by adding our Threat Management Services. Let Zymphony’s experts worry about your IT security so you don’t have to.

By taking a proactive approach to managing your security, our Threat Management services can help prevent security infections and unauthorized network access, all while saving you time and money.

Zymphony’s Threat Management Services Include:

This analysis helps businesses understand the implications and impact of the specific malware currently on their systems. A remediation strategy to safely remove the threat is then outlined, and recommendations are documented to mitigate future attacks and improve overall IT security posture.

Our managed SIEM service is able to proactively identify security threats and events not otherwise detected by standalone security technologies. This critical tool can help you close the gap between perceived and actual security.

Zymphony’s Managed Anti-Malware service helps businesses address malware and zero-day vulnerabilities, as well as more advanced and persistent threats, without having to worry about installing and managing the technologies themselves.

With the increase of businesses adopting mobile devices and BYOD, so too increases the risk of introducing malware into the network. Our IT security experts proactively manage and monitor your business networks to keep your data and systems safe from unauthorized access.

More than 60 percent of all email that an individual or business receives is unsolicited and unwelcome. Email is the primary method for spreading viruses and malware and it's one of the easiest to defend against. It’s also important to secure email with email encryption so data can be protected.

Zymphony’s Unified Threat Management service provides businesses with integrated network security technologies that are designed to defend against external threats and intruders.

It’s incredibly important that businesses control access to their sensitive data. Zymphony delivers encryption as a managed service.

Identity and access management using two-factor authentication for secure access control to critical information resources.

Managed Endpoint Protection embraces all the devices your organization uses to get business done and secures them against the full spectrum of threats by including anti-malware, policy enforcement and compliance management.

IPS and IDS involve a constantly evolving set of rules so that vital traffic is passed and bad packets are blocked. Managing Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems must be carefully maintained in order to stop incoming malicious packets.

Firewall protection is an absolute necessity. Your network firewall performs access control at the network border and must be updated on an ongoing basis in order to keep attackers from being able to access your network.

Protecting a network from being compromised via a router or switch requires regular auditing and updates.

Even well-implemented cybersecurity structures and plans may not prevent all breaches of your business’ data defenses, so it’s incredibly important to have procedures in place to respond to security breaches if they occur.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a certified encryption system that protects the privacy of data exchanged by a website and the individual user. Used by websites whose URLs begin with https instead of http, this certification must be maintained and managed.

Security Awareness and Education teaches employees to understand system vulnerabilities and threats to business operations that are present when using a computer on a business network.

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