Our Certified Forensic Experts Find the Answers When Data Has Been Breached

With Zymphony’s Computer Forensics services we can quickly respond to IT security incidents before they significantly impact your business. If an incident occurs, it's vital to determine the full extent of the breach and move quickly to contain the threat and minimize its impact. Highly trained security experts are needed to accomplish these thorough investigations.

Zymphony’s certified forensic experts have the training and know-how to get to the bottom of these threats using in-depth digital forensics and computer forensic investigations. We can provide greater clarity regarding what happened, when it happened, who was involved and what data was accessed or transferred. Once threats have been identified and analyzed we’ll be able to help protect you from being infected by them in the future.

When a company-owned or work-at-home desktop computer is involved in a security incident it’s important to have a knowledgeable computer forensics analyst who can extract relevant and credible data from these types of workstations.

When servers are involved in a computer investigation, advanced information security and forensics are required to inspect and examine these devices and their functionality on the organization’s network.

Memory Forensics and analysis are extremely important in incident response, malware analysis and reverse engineering to examine memory of the infected system to extract artifacts relevant to the malicious program and explain how it was used on the suspect system.

Malware and virus incidents, should a breach or attack succeed and be detected, require immediate response and attention to identify their root cause and prevent similar occurrences.

Reverse Engineering uncovers an intruding software’s functionality and capabilities determining how it operates so precautions can be taken to prevent further contamination and remove it safely.

Zymphony’s Reporting service provides deep insight into and analysis of cyber threats that your business has or may face. Our reports take a look at the costs associated with attack and recovery, as well as actionable intelligence that enables your business to make more effective security decisions to reduce risk and defend against advanced threats.

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