Along with co-owner Rick Lott, Tom Frederick leads the strategic direction and overall vision for Zymphony Technology Solutions. With over 20 years of executive business leadership and sales expertise, Tom is involved in all aspects of daily operations and corporate culture to ensure Zymphony Technology Solutions is positioned for innovation and long-term growth.

Tom first showed his flair for business success at the tender age of 11 where he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by Executive Enterprise Magazine. In his hometown of Cocoa Beach, he sold sodas on the beach launching a long and distinguished sales career. After college, Tom joined Harris 3M in sales and later worked as a Regional Vice President for Danka where he helped guide the company from $500K in annual revenue to over $3.3 billion. Combining his copier and technology experience with partner Rick Lott, in 1996 he co-founded Zeno Office Solutions out of Tampa, Florida. Zeno launched with 18 employees and under Tom and Rick’s veteran leadership the company grew to over 360 employees and over $65 million in revenue.

After Zeno was acquired by Xerox, Tom turned his passion and commitment to the next evolution in his career with Zymphony Technology Solutions. As a premier provider of technical services, Zymphony Technology Solutions provides managed IT services, cloud computing, internet marketing, custom application development and business optimization software solutions. In a competitive industry that continually looks for the next big innovation, Tom and Rick bring their combined four decades of experience and considerable vision to expand this best in class service organization.

Tom maintains involvement within leaders of the business community by serving on the Board at KLL, HP and Ricoh. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in advertising.